International Mathematical Olympiad 2014

It is with great excitement that we, as the Department of Basic Education, welcome the International Maths Olympiad to our shores in 2014. The competition brings together the cream of the crop of high school learners from more than 100 countries and five continents to compete in the premier global mathematical competition.

The 2014 International Maths Olympiad, to be held in Cape Town, will once again allow a team of young enthusiastic South African learners to rub shoulders with fellow learners from across the world and test their mathematical skills against some of the sharpest young minds on the planet.

The Department of Basic Education has identified Mathematics as a priority area and every effort is being made to ensure that not only is there an increase in learner enrolment in this subject but also an improvement in the quality of results that learners achieve in mathematics.

It is through competitions such as this that our learners will be made aware of the importance of mathematics and be inspired to perform better.

See you in 2014!Surty

Mohamed Surty

Deputy Minister Basic Education


IMO 2014 video clip
IMO 2014 video


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